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Gym Rules And Regulations

1. Payments must be made before classes 

2. All plans can’t be paused, shared to another person, refunded, or canceled

3. To be a member you must complete your registration at the front desk or online 

4. No form of hard drugs or smoking in the premises

5. No use of vulgar or inappropriate words in the gym 

6. Don’t wear your shoes from home so as not to stain the premises 

7. On no circumstances should any Client use the gym facility for personal interest such as training a fellow for compensation

8. No smoking before coming to the gym including drinking of alcohol or any hard drink 

9. All health challenges should be known by our staff before workout sessions 

10. Lost and found items will be discarded if not claimed in two weeks 

11. All coaches and staff should be treated with respect as they are available to help you

12. No fighting in the gym 

13. You are not to take off your shirts while using our equipment 

14. Every equipment should be used and returned back to its position

15. Use extreme caution in mirror areas 

16. Any equipment being manipulated or spoilt would be replaced by client

17. Properties brought to the gym are at owner’s risk.Therefore, the gym would not be held responsible for misplaced items 

18. If any member violates any of our policies,The company has the right to revoke membership 

19. No buying on CREDIT pay immediately.

20. You need to sign in and out of the premises